Perfection's Glass Graveyard

Tomorrow's stories in dying dreams

The stars say no.

Without really paying attention to it, I squeezed the apple in between my hands and dug my thumbs in, ripping the fruit in a neat half. I handed one half to Johnny, my eyes still scouring the landscape for any... Continue Reading →


The age of magic.

I'm at the age where magic stops happening. I haven't fallen down a hole, or ported to mystical lands, or found a mysterious key, or met a beastly prince love. I haven't found my one true calling, my purpose in... Continue Reading →

Things to bring up in therapy

I’m always tired because I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep because I feel like I could get an adequate amount down when I don’t sleep. Not more work done, just a normal load of work done. It’s been god knows... Continue Reading →


"What if, captain, we uh, raced you for it?" Talon ruffled his shoulder feathers. Keona cocked an eyebrow at him, a small, open mouthed smile spreading. "Oh yeah?" she leaned back on the rock, her tail twitching. "Yeah. If me... Continue Reading →

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oliver winced as he found another cut on his bloody lip. Beside him, Jordan poked at a bruise that started to form around her elbow area.They both shared a glanced, and smiled. Him, with blood-stained teeth, and her, with her... Continue Reading →

The lost God

His large ears twitched, shaking fine sand out from the knots in his grey fur. For extra measure, he shook his head rapidly, seeing a screen of red cover his vision. Laughter erupted from his two friends as he exclaimed... Continue Reading →

By the light of the lighthouse

"So, you, see, ghosts?" Ahmed twiddled with the can in his hands. Beside him, Rochelle sipped at hers quietly. He heard her sigh slowly. "Yes," she bit the rim of the can. He didn't need to look at her to... Continue Reading →

Puppy love.

"Werewolf." "For the millionth time, no." "Were-beast?" "Well, yeah, I guess. Somewhat a little more accurate?" "Sasquatch." Johnny looks up at me, an unbelievably dumbfounded scowl on his face. "NO," he firmly glares at me. I stifled a laughter, biting... Continue Reading →

A little bit of control.

I looked up to see Nuri gazing at the wreath in Simon's hands intently, like a child watching its mother adding ingredients to a pot. For some reason that irked me, seeing them sitting quietly together, instead of bickering like... Continue Reading →

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