Perfection's Glass Graveyard

Tomorrow's stories in dying dreams

By the light of the lighthouse

"So, you, see, ghosts?" Ahmed twiddled with the can in his hands. Beside him, Rochelle sipped at hers quietly. He heard her sigh slowly. "Yes," she bit the rim of the can. He didn't need to look at her to... Continue Reading →

Puppy love.

"Werewolf." "For the millionth time, no." "Were-beast?" "Well, yeah, I guess. Somewhat a little more accurate?" "Sasquatch." Johnny looks up at me, an unbelievably dumbfounded scowl on his face. "NO," he firmly glares at me. I stifled a laughter, biting... Continue Reading →

A little bit of control.

I looked up to see Nuri gazing at the wreath in Simon's hands intently, like a child watching its mother adding ingredients to a pot. For some reason that irked me, seeing them sitting quietly together, instead of bickering like... Continue Reading →


Keona surveyed the building again and again, her eyes flying back and from the blueprints on her port-screen. That window. That hallway. That little blind spot in the corridor that stretches alongside the west-side rooms. The big glass room that... Continue Reading →

Funny sounds.

The way she was curled up on the carriage seat looked so uncomfortable he wondered if she was indeed asleep. Her arms were carefully splayed out from under her as to prevent any weight on them and her back was... Continue Reading →

At the tip of her tongue.

He found them on the rooftop of the revamped hotel, one of the commissioner's many backdoor investments. To be truthful, he had prepared himself to find just another severed head and a ridiculous message scrawled in blood; but instead he... Continue Reading →

A chance of rain and rubbish

The look on his face as he realised he was directly in my line of fire was amusing to say the least. He froze in his steps, his hands slowly raising to the level of his dark eyes. "Hi?" he... Continue Reading →

It wasn’t a dream where I saw you before.

The weather beat down on us; unexpected summer showers mixed with the cold density of the area, making the terrain slushy and slippery. The vehicles wrestled with the slick forest floor, dense with wet leaves and soil slosh. We scientists... Continue Reading →

No escape.

Multi-coloured lights whizzed by her, creating some psychedelic, obscene Christmas window-like display. She pressed her palms to the glass panes of her cage again and started to scream. Shoulders, elbows, knees, heels - whatever she could thrash around in hopes... Continue Reading →

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