A collection of ongoing scenes from some original stories or maybe just some spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Still working out some stuff technically so there might be some blunders here and there. Will try to maintain a weekly schedule for posting (a personal commitment challenge!) unless stated otherwise. Feedback is greatly welcomed!

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A list of my characters and links to their stories!

D&T – Mystery and mischief in an alternate Steampunk Victorian age.

Elouise Montoya – A cat burglar hailing from the very diverse port of the East End Docklands. Learnt how to behave and speak ‘proper’ from observing the higher class she steals from. Adept at fighting dirty and fencing. Possible proficiency at science as her rapier has been modified to double as a shock rod. Can’t read or write but doesn’t feel the least bit inadequate.

Hubert “Hugh” M. L. Roxton – Younger son of a Baron cum business man. Ambition of becoming part of the Metropolitan Police Department clashes with his father’s intent of him taking over the family business. Straight laced but open enough to adapt to Elouise’s whimsy.

Fire – Space-pirates with large thirst for adventure and fun aboard a ship named Halcyon. Magic is extinct in this futuristic era, making Keona a mystery to her surroundings.

CAPTAIN Keona ‘Firefox’ – A one-of-a-kind anomaly in the universe. Possesses humanistic features mingled with characteristics of a maned wolf with the addition of an abnormally long tail. Also has the ability to emit fire, sometimes uncontrollably which causes many problems for her and her crew. Travels the galaxy not to find out who and what she is but to just have fun.

DOCTOR Luc – An Antaresian of few words. Past unknown but it is very clear he wants nothing to do with it or his culture anymore. Dark Elf-like being. Affinity for black cigarettes. Antaresi are known for being similar to Vulcans (who don’t exist in this universe but for reference’s sake!). Fluent in many languages but not as proficient as MARS. Oldest of the crew at 167 human years.

MECHANIC Jai-Ran – A four-armed blue Hectatiron. Ex-slave from the Metal Mines of Moon Sector 472 before being kidnapped by Keona. Hectatirates are known for being a slave-race. Considered Keona’s first mate despite Luc, Leon and MARS being part of the crew beforehand.

MARS – A consort android, with the forbidden glitch of having emotions, forcing her to stowaway on the Halcyon to escape termination. Fluent in more than 300 languages as par to the basic requirement of the Galactic Entertainment Standards. Helps out where she can, mostly mechanics and communication. Previously had artificial skin, but repeated damage and repair stripped her to basic shell.

CHEF Leon – A male Syreni. Quite unusual as Syreni are water creatures, while profession of chef requires dealing with fire. Amphibious, but relies on a element suit as the conditions of space and many planets have atmospheres too hostile for Syreni. Ex-mercenary with Luc. More of a lover than a fighter.

PILOT Talon – Male Tikkori born with a disability in his wings, rendering him unable to fly. Reckless and playful, his insane talent at flying the Halcyon makes him one of the craziest pilots in the galaxy.

NAVIGATOR Fang – Twin brother to Talon, he also shares his disability (they came from a two-yolked egg). The more matured of the pair, but can be equally mischievous as his brother.

PASSENGER Royan – Actually a Prince from the planet Ofrydrufestria. Human. On a mission to locate a possibly extinct herb capable of healing his mother Queen. Bad planning resulted in his people assuming that he had been kidnapped by Halcyon instead of him going on a quiet trip, increasing the hunting of Halcyon.

Ghost – Set in urban Malaysia, features the South East Asian paranormal and superstition. Origins and occupations of Nuri and Simon yet to be discovered :p

Nuri – A Chinese girl with double bun hair that seemingly glows green. Has a purification rod in the form of a hockey stick. Stoic, borderline grumpy. Cannot speak a word of any Chinese dialect despite her looks.

Ephraim – Nicknamed Eep for obvious reasons. Owns a Honda Shadow bike.

Simon – Has worked with Nuri before, possible partnership. Cocky. Purification rod in the form of a wooden spatula, which he is extremely embarrassed about. Thus he prefers using other forms of purification which sometimes borderlines extermination.

Apocalypse – Zombies. Were-beasts. Survivors.

Sarah – Human. Used to work for the Gaia Corporation which was the catalyst for the creation if the undead (sort of like a Resident Evil thing, but working on that) as part of the relief aide. Quite stubborn and independent.

Johnny – Were-beast. Often mistaken as a werewolf when hulked out. Able to conceal his ‘condition’ and pass off as a normal human. Origins appear to be natural instead of engineered. Strongly independent and a little possessive.

Ken – Human. Gaia Corporation’s test subject. Leader of survivor convoy. Requires a special medical formula to keep zombification at bay (Sarah had attacked a Gaia base to get the formula against his wishes as it is considered a suicide mission, but she knocked him out and accidentally broke his nose to leave him behind).

Benji – Human. Ex-Gaia soldier, similar to Sarah except he was on the offense. Has a little flirtatious side, which annoys Johnny when directed to Sarah.

Antihero – A Sin City, Batman-esque noir intended to be made into comic form.

“Love” Anya Jaxon – Heir to the Jaxon gang, which she assumes from her uncle as the next in line. Forced into hiding after his murder, she became a sidekick to the original Vigilante under the name of AJ. After the original Vigilante’s death (and supposedly hers) in a bomb blast, she returns after 3 years vengeful and homicidal. Earns the title “Red Queen” due to her habit of beheading people with her axe. Known for her impossibly bright violet eyes.

“Sugar” Malone Diaz – Ex member of the Ramiz faction. Was about to attempt suicide, but stopped by Anya. Devotes the rest of his life to her with a promise – that when she achieves all she wants to, they will die together, a bullet in her brain and in his heart.

“Vigilante” Connor Kaye – The second Vigilante. Previously his sidekick, assumes his mantle after his death. Thought Anya to be dead as she was with the original Vigilante when the bomb went off and is shocked upon her return. Torn between being the symbol of justice and wanting to reunite with AJ. Also the son of a successful businessman.

Killian – A young police officer who becomes intertwined with the Vigilante and the Red Queen.

Eyes – A haunted hotel. A girl gifted with the power of sight inherited from her mother. A handful of staff trying to keep their jobs amid the threat of remodeling.

Rochelle Du Bont – A guest of the hotel. Stands out because of her hair and tattoos, something the higher class visitors find appalling. Is actually the heiress to the business that owns the hotel but has zero interest in that. Inherited the gift of the caul from her mother which makes her see ghosts.

Ahmed – Lobby attendant, second to the concierge. Takes his job quite seriously. Is attracted to Rochelle because of her strangeness in contrast to her surroundings. Tries to act as professional as he can in handling situations.

Marcel – Waiter to the hotel’s restaurant. One of the first to befriend Rochelle.

Jane – An elderly housekeeping maid. First to discover and accept Rochelle’s ‘gift’.

Jump – Inspired by 21 Jump Street and KND: Codename Kids Next Door. Also a bit of Scooby Doo and The Famous Five.

Jordan – Socially awkward. Best friend to Oliver (the only one who can call him Ollie). Possibly also the only one whom Rudy really listens to. Neighbor of Kodie. Rarely leaves the command center except to walk Rudy or go home. Drunkard father. Pink hair as a result of Oliver’s hobby crazy antics, but liked it so much she kept it. Petite.

Oliver – Lonely rich kid who brings his friends together as an investigative group for fun which turns out to be a bigger deal than he anticipated. A hobby maniac, earning him skills in a myriad of areas. Rudy’s owner but doesn’t seem to have as much influence over him as Jordan does.

Kodie – A photography and video enthusiast, his documentation often helps the team find things they missed during the investigation. Shy. Has a little crush on Ezelena.

Ezelena – Daughter of the sheriff, she has a reputation for being even better than the tiny local police department itself. Carries a paintball rifle around with her, despite her father’s disapproval. Manages to be elegant and fierce at the same time. Has a tendency to shoot first, ask questions later.

Roy – Not his real name (only person who knows is Jordan, who hacked into his records). Used to move about in foster homes before coming of age and opted to support himself through many odd jobs. Considered to be the total opposite of Jordan. Very scared of dogs, which makes Rudy all more excited to play with him.

Rudy – An extremely affectionate Newfoundland dog to a select few. Can be quite fierce when someone it likes is threatened. Gender so far unspecified. Good tracker.

Tin Soldier – A take on my favorite fairy tale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen.

Callum – A soldier awaiting augmentation consignment and reinstatement on leave after losing his leg in an IED incident. Lives with Marion in her service quarters. Suffers from onset PTSD which causes him to feel paralysis at unexpected sounds. Faces discrimination for wanting cybernetic ‘enhancements’. Earns a job at Marion’s workplace after he displays a talent for sewing.

Marion – A dancer, specializing in ballet. Flexible and fit. Works two jobs to sustain her slightly larger living quarters. Does not tolerate any prejudice towards Callum’s decision to receive cyborg limb replacements. Concerned for the well being of her colleagues and friends.

Mama – A cross-dressing man who runs the burlesque theater where Marion and Callum works. Cares very much for his girls and guys, hence earning the nickname.

Bogdana – “Little Bo.” A dancer. Granddaughter of the theater’s Usher. Secretly dating a worker boy (A Naraka native).

Dror – Worker boy. Mechanic. Naraka native from the slums below. Secretly dating Bo. Friends with Callum after sharing an admiration for augments.

Flashback – reincarnation. they’ve met before, under intense feelings. but of romance or hostility?

I/me – An intern of an expedition full of archaeologists, scientists, etc. Past life was head priestess of the civilization’s temple

You – A member of a mercenary/tomb raider gang. Past life was captain of the guard and solider to the king.

Lemmont – head of the mercenary/tomb raider gang. Past life was ???

Life – mostly experiences and rants. also the more human elements of otherwise fantasy stories.