Multi-coloured lights whizzed by her, creating some psychedelic, obscene Christmas window-like display. She pressed her palms to the glass panes of her cage again and started to scream.

Shoulders, elbows, knees, heels – whatever she could thrash around in hopes of forming even a hairline crack she used wildly. Outside, the bounty hunters laughed, a muffled, garbled noise.

Reinforced diamond glass- the kind they use for windows on a space station shield; or something like that, they gloated. Her fire power wouldn’t work. Soon, they told her, they were going to reach a little cryogen station, where she will be neutralised and preserved for a nice little trip to some exotic zoo on some moon in some galaxy owned by some perverted zirconaire for some sick collection of sorts. It didn’t even matter if she didn’t survive the defrosting process. She’d make an equally stunning addition to some carbonite statue collection. Even more touching? It was specially made to contain her.

She hissed fiercely at the bounty hunters, who only laughed at the unending display. Unfazed, she continued to hack at the smooth surface with her claws, which were heating up with the building rage inside her.

Sparks flickered from her pointed wolf ears. Her long furry tail was squashed against her and the tube, and instinctively wrapped itself around her tightly, giving her a more beastly appearance than ever. It too, glowed hot in her panic.

The glass walls clouded with the heat of the steam she was emanating. Her ragged breathing only served to blur the vision of her captors even more.

The glass remained unwaveringly solid no matter how hard she pounded the walls with her fists or scratched them with her nails.

What did Luc tell her to do when she was this close to loosing her mind?

Calm, bougie. Calm. Candle flame. Candle flame. BIG GORRAM CANDLE. No, no, no. Calm. Candle. Calm.

She sunk into a sitting position, cradling herself and her tail, focusing her heat internally. She had only done this twice before, and both times stemmed from unprecedented rage. She had to snap. She had to snap to reach that kind of temperature again. But how? Every thought she had was to calm down. Its not like she, or any one for that matter, could simply just snap on command. Besides, she was just wearing herself down at this rate.

The transport carrier rattled as they gained altitude. That big blur of white light from the outside meant their airlock hatch remained open. Looks like wherever they were taking her was still on the same moon.

The insides of the tube got colder as the slave ship’s meager (and highly illegal) cooling systems attempted to lull its captives to a state of drowsiness. Already the other trapped creatures were stilling inside their own containers. It would only be a little while more before the trappers would come along and inject the air with a tranquilizer their bodies would be too calm to produce any adrenaline to shock themselves out of. She suspected the bounty hunters took extra precaution and laced her tube with sedatives as soon as they got her in it.

It wasn’t her nerves shutting her down, that much she knew.

A shadow flitted across the tube, a hunter moving to sedate them already? It hovered near for a second. She lashed out a claw, making sure sparks still flickered as she hit the glass. Only a visual effect, but most people jump. The shadow however, merely lifted a palm to touch hers and disappeared again.

Some sentimental bastard relishing his catch??

Her eyes flew up to the closed top of the tube. Could she jimmy a claw into the ventilation tube? A well timed jet of fire could do something, but it also might kill the other captives and that’s something she rather not do.

A yelp and a thud from the outside diverted her attention momentarily.

A scream, and more thuds.

The ship shuddered again, but this time it was the kind of jolt you’d get when disabling the flight controls a bit too suddenly. She would know.

Confused, she pressed her face to the glass. Her wolfish ears picked up footfalls, sounds of electricity sparking through the thick glass. A bloodied hand suddenly slapped itself onto the tube and slid downward, leaving an eerie hand print behind.

Whatever dreariness she felt dissipated. A new urgency shot through her, blocking out whatever numbness she felt. Something deadly was in this ship, and her animal instincts screamed to get away as far as possible. Screw this, she was out.

Digging her claws into the lid of the compartment, she heated her hands to a red-hot degree, and watched as an outline of her hands formed. The lid was still far from budging no matter how hard she pushed however.

The ship shuddered again, and the whole area lurched forward.She barely had time to brace herself from smacking right into the wall of the tube. The ship was losing altitude, and fast.

Her ears twitched this way and that, trying to get a read on the condition of the ship, but the glass was too thick for her to hear much outside of the tube. Space-glass, huh? She hoped it would withstand the impact of crashing.

She abandoned the plan to melt the lid off and curled into a ball, trying to let herself bounce around as comfortably as possible in the tube. The ship was definitely in a nose-dive towards the ground now.

More thuds hit the outside of the tube. But this time it was as is someone was knocking it purposefully. Her wolf ears perked straight up as she saw a silhouette and the glow of red eyes through the cold frost of the tube’s walls she couldn’t mistake for anyone else’s.


Sweet, beloved Luc.

Luc with fresh bounty hunter blood dripping from his vampiric jaws and nails.

He grinned at her, looking anything like but a monster.

Despite the rumblings of the entire ship, he appeared to be standing quite still, albeit his coat-tails whipping around him from the wind lashing.

He signaled her to resume her curled up position and planted a bloody kiss on her cage before leaving to find a safe spot of his own.

She agreed, tucking her head between her knees and letting her tail curl around her tightly. She prayed not for her safety, but for his wholly.


Writer’s note: Okay, definitely not one of my better posts :p. But December was a freaking whirlwind of mind fucks and I needed a break anyway. I promise to come up with better stuff this year!

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