I found a rant I wrote down when I was a teen and FURIOUS at my school education system. HAHAHAHAHA X’D

Can’t drop account? Package? Plagarised & union? Go to HELL! We have already sent in those damn letter you wanted but then what? You accuse us of agreeing to take the dam package they provided and then quitting! How the hell were we supposed to remember that we signed a damn letter? For the people who said yes, you’re friggin hypokrits. I NEVER AGREED! Of course the content of our letters are the same. Ever heard of point of view? We’re all having the same problems! What do you want us to say? “Oh akauns is good for you! It will help you do better in business!” HELLO!!! WE DON’T WANT TO DO BUSINESS DEGREES! We’re in the friggin science stream! This ain’t World War 2 where minorities were running stalls! STOP TREATING US LIKE WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE WANT! We’re 17! We’re practically aware about stuff! “Oh the contents of your letters are all the same! I can’t approve of that becuz your points are not valid!” FXXX YOU! Wanna see our parents? Fine! My mum is more than willing to shove your bigot crap rite in your face! I wanted 2 take EST thats y I went 2 the A class cuz it was one of the subs. But what NO! “Akauns is easy! I wanna take it! What? B class is full? But I’m in A! Ok, lets all take akauns!” SCREW YOU! And teachers! What the Hell does Add Math have 2 do with akauns? READ the friggin circular! It clearly states that the minimum subs for taking are 6 and the maximum is 10! What’s wrong with taking NINE? “Profitable package” My ass! I wanna do journalism! This friggin school does not offer anything close to it!

My god I was a legit rebel :’D hahaha. Oh well, look at me now. I’m done with a Bachelors in Journalism and Writing and not 1 bit affected by my lack of accounting ๐Ÿ˜›

As for the background to this, well, the headmistress was a bitch. God knows what she was doing, but when my mum went to see her, she wouldn’t come out of her office to receive her at all, and my mum ended up speaking to the second-in command instead after a two-hour wait.

We figured that instead of getting a big fat FAIL on my report card sem after sem, (and me literally crying in frustration) I would just do the logical thing and drop ย the ELECTIVE subject. But no, my school deemed that subject was in fact compulsory and gave me hell for it, making us attend surprise speeches advocating the necessity of knowing accounting. On which I absolutely just HATED everyone who was on board with it, which WAS everyone of my form mates.

And on top of that, my genius classmates had this thing where they would constantly find numbers being wrongly displayed in the check sheets, resulting in tedious recalculation after recalculation and never balancing, even in the papers set by the accounting teacher herself. Furthered my hate for quite a bit.

I did try to assimilate with the hive mind for a year, but after my mental break when I was 15, these ongoing frustrations at me constantly being unable to balance a check sheet in every class was damn near driving me nuts which unfortunately manifested in me being a VERY angry person that always shouted and growled at everything.

I am at peace with myself now ๐Ÿ™‚

My god I bothered to censor myself even in hand-writing LOL.

BG to this, I’m getting rid of A LOT of stuff in my hoarder’s nest and these things, although hilariously nostalgic, hold no sentimental value to me anymore. De-clutter at a maximum!