Crack me open. Go ahead, I’m fractured enough already. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt me.

What will you expect to find?

An ocean, deep and relentless?

A puddle, reflecting the suns rays like a diamond?

A bubble, swirling with rainbows and crystals? The lifespan on that one’s a flash however.

So is the ocean, polluted by the human world.

And the puddle’s just sitting there, receding banks in the heat.

Sweep away the bits of shiny broken glass, the colourful pencil shavings sand and the coffee, tea and sugar sediments.

Amid the porcelain shards, the electric ribbons, the pizza grease, the book crumbs and the caramel syrup;

Intertwined with the green rain of AI programs for manners, civics, awareness, aggression/passion;

What will you expect to find?

 Don’t forget to silence the Eurodance, the rainy jazz, the waffle-crunching, the bubble tea slurping and the video game cues.

Tone down the film ambiances, the incessant giggles, the habitual scratching, the drawn-out yawns, the cursing.

Silence too the voice in your head; generalizing, reasoning, likening and all that.

Take it with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of glitter. Over-exaggerated like an anime.

Tell me

Can something break quietly?