His breath was hot on my neck. I fell to the floor, pulling him down with me by his collar. He used the opportunity of momentum to land all of his weight onto me, but I was prepared for that. Twisting myself on the way down, I flipped him under me and held an elbow to his neck. He grinned wildly, extremely amused and grabbed my wrist, pulling my arm so hard I flipped onto my back and onto him. He wrapped his other muscle-laden arm around me and held me tightly to his chest like some sick literally twisted waltz, laughing. Undeterred, I swung both my legs upwards, rolling myself over his head and out of his grip.

He wasn’t expecting that one. Instead of engaging him further, I bolted in the opposite direction, away from him. He flipped and sat up slowly, chuckling astonishingly as I ran out of the clearing and into the thicker woods.

I was running for my damn life.

But to him and his pack, I was merely a rabbit foxes would play around with, nudging and snapping before they finally rip my throat out. And eat me. Fucking eat me! Raw? Judging by the way they were tossing me around, and the stink of their clothes, most damn likely.

I wanted to call out for Johnny so so badly, but I was too far away from the scout. Like I wanted to lead these literal monsters back there anyway. I hoped Marlo and KG were off their radar.

I looked back for a quick peek behind, and was met with a set of dribbling fangs grinning maniacally at me. I shrieked and tripped on my feet, narrowly escaping a swipe of their mutant claws. Tumbling into the dirt, I scrambled back up to my feet, but the damage was done. A hard, rough hand grabbed me by my hair and flung me backwards, drawing more than just tears and yelps from me.

One of them snapped playfully at me, sinking their canine fangs into my shoulder. My reflexes kicked in too hard and fast, and I spun away, tearing myself out of those jaws. Pain flashed out of my shoulder, and I screamed as another bit almost on the same spot and dragged me down to the floor. It let go, but not before savagely shaking me about.

Fallen leaves, sticks, rocks and moist dirt caught me painfully. My arms flew up to my head and neck, instinctively blocking whatever that threatened to lunge at it. They gathered over me, laughing and drooling over my whimpering state.

“We ruined it,” one of the older ones spat. “Too much fear and the meat loses tenderness,” he cackled.

The younger ones giggled. “No matter, no matter! Her blood’s running!” a particularly psycho one guffawed.

The alpha, the one who took his time and pleasure throwing me around like a rag doll, approached me. He hauled me up by my sides and sneered right at my face. His breath reeked of slobber and zero dental hygiene. If my stomach wasn’t so empty, I would have gladly spewed into his open mouth.

He stuck his face into my hair, inhaling deeply. But his superhuman nose caught a whiff of something, and he withdrew, perplexed. “She smells of another. A brother,” he growled. The others fell silent.

He pinned me face to the ground, sniffing me all over. His pack soon joined him too, trying to smell traces of Johnny on me.

“Loner.” “Young.” “Not that young.” “Is she a pet?”

“I doubt it,” the alpha smiled.

“Let us eeaaaat,” the psycho whined. The others clamored too, whining and moaning.

The alpha held up a clawed hand, effectively silencing everyone.

“Hang on. I’m curious,” he purred, dragging me up to face him again. As nervous and uneasy as I was, I still tried to headbutt him in the nose. “Oh ho ho ho, feisty one! Careful now. Wouldn’t want your pretty face to get hurt,” he pulled my head back by my hair, exposing my neck to his jaws.

I struggled in his iron hug, but he remained steady. “Hang back, pack. I wanna greet our brother,” he kept his devilish eyes on me, carrying me effortlessly further into the woods, back to where they first cornered me.

My burst of flight and fight adrenaline was wearing off, and I was losing my will to keep squirming. My lungs however, still retained their capacity to scream. But I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction. He grinned his wolfish sneer at me, way too close to my face.

He reared his head back and howled, a booming, deep sound that rattled my insides, being right against his chest. Someway off, his pack joined in the chorus, sending eerie resonating howls throughout the forest.

I flopped backwards in his arms, my body exhausted from the intense and immediate struggling and the blood loss. I still fought the urge to just pass out then and there, refusing to allow that monster to win.

He sniffed the air, smiling as he caught traces of something. Plopping me on my feet, he spun me around and held my head up. With an arm around my waist and his claw fingers around my neck, he rested his head on my bleeding shoulder and waited. I whimpered, feeling his hot breath down my ear, neck and back.

He tensed, sensing something beyond the undergrowth. My knees buckled, but he kept me upright, ready and waiting.

I tried not to sob as Johnny came into view, pacing slowly like a tiger. His eyes were translucent white, flushed with pure beast rage. But his movements were controlled, barely, and the scent of my blood made him tick. In one hand he held my rifle, discarded when I was grabbed.

The two beasts growled under their breath upon seeing each other, demonstrating their prowess. Johnny made to circle the alpha, but instead remained in sight, probably smelling the rest of the pack behind him.

I whimpered, a wave of pain throbbing through my body again. The alpha held me up higher and shushed me gently. His tongue flicked out, licking the wound on my shoulder. I shuddered and coiled. Johnny snarled.

To irk him further, the alpha pulled my head back even further and kissed me hard and deep. I screamed into his mouth and tried to push him away, but I had the strength of a weak child against his lead arms. I tasted my own coppery blood mixed with his foul mouth as his tongue violated the insides of my head.

Johnny roared, a terrifying booming noise and jumped at us. The alpha released me just in time, jumping back. A humongous claw where his head just was swiped the empty air an inch from my eyes. A strong arm swept me up and away from the alpha. I instinctively wrapped my arms around Johnny’s neck, ignoring the pain in my shoulder.

He held me tightly against his chest, snarling ferociously at the alpha male. I felt him back up as the rest of the pack materialized behind the smirking alpha.

I never seen him in complete beast form before now. Usually it was selected subtle transmutations, his claws, his eyes, his teeth, his strength; but now he did them all, giving him a truly beastly appearance. He was terrifying, but I wasn’t scared. His bulging, muscled arm around me told me everything monstrous about him was directed at everything else.

Backing up to a large tree, he swung me with surprising tenderness to his back and fortified me with his own body. I grabbed my rifle, cocked out the spent bullet casing and took aim in the flash of a second, training the sights on the beasts behind the alpha.

The alpha laughed. “Impeccable taste, brother. Won’t you share?” his voice dripped with disgusting sweetness. Johnny’s only response was to quell his snarling and pull me closer to him tighter, his arms  behind him securing me. I could feel his relief in finding me, but also his unbridled anger at my state.

“Really now, mating with a human? Times are hard,” the elder one spoke. The jittery one next to him cackled. But Johnny kept his eyes on the alpha, the leader. The rest were mine.


Writer’s note: Happy Halloween, lovelies!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 I’m gonna be dressing up, but staying in my room 😛 Low-key Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas!! XD