Roy took one look around the bathroom and exited, his toiletries still bunched up in the baby blue towel. He closed the old pastel pink door loudly behind him and hunched up his shoulders in absent shuddering thought.

Lounging peacefully like two cats on the top of the flight of stairs, Jordan and Ezelena looked up to his bewildered face.

“Why does it look like a Japanese store exploded in there?” he blurted after a useless moment of consideration, gesturing dazedly back at the bathroom.

“Ollie,” Jordan explained in her usual simple deadpan state; as if the person she was talking to had the common sense to finish up the thought. Now Roy wasn’t as much of a dumbass as people made out the lanky, shaggy walking old HotTopic mess to be, but figuring what went on in Jordan’s pink-haired head could be a challenge, even for the most hedonist of philosophers.

“He made it his mission to get Jordan to smile,” Ezelena grinned.

“By filling up her house with unnecessarily ridiculously cutesy stuff?” Roy leaned back onto the bathroom door, slightly defeated at the idea.

“Well, its working?” Ezelena turned back to Jordan for confirmation, despite fully knowing that the closest Jordan got to an expressive smile was a little twitch in the corner of her mouth.

Jordan nodded, one side of her face scrunching up slightly. If you didn’t know her well enough, or, heck it, even if you did; that motion appeared weirdly unnatural. Roy, facing the side of her face that remained still, didn’t receive the signal.

“Really?” he chuckled.

Jordan frowned a little, not in anger, but in self-confusion. “I’m neurotic,” she summarised, looking up at Roy like a puzzled puppy.

“Or so people say. Non-professional people. Non-medic people. People who don’t take time to spend time with you,” Ezelena patted Jordan’s knee reassuringly. Again that wobbly twitch of Jordan’s mouth. But it lingered around for a split second longer. It even spread beyond the half-mark of her lips.

“Alright, you. Go shower in kawaii hell. We’ll be downstairs,” Ezelena started sliding down the steps headfirst. Jordan, her head tilted downwards, pressed her lips together and a hand to her mouth, a motion of her giggling although no sound passed her throat. Her large staring eyes however, lifted noticeably, prompting Roy to shoot her a leering look.

“There are labels on the bottles,” she pointed out.

Sarcastically smirking, Roy opened the door behind him and spun in, closing it more gently this time.

“Amaaazing bathroom decor, Oliver. You should really consider interior designing,” Ezelena bit her tongue cheekily at the jock sprawled out on a bean bag.

“You saw it?” Kodie spoke up from under a magazine.

“Nah. But Roy’s reaction was good,” she laughed.

Oliver snorted a chuckle. “Did you set up the bleeding bath mat?”

Jordan sat on the second-lowest stair and clung to the banister. “Mmm hmm. You spoil me too much,” she muttered. Oliver flashed her two thumbs up, giving an open-mouthed smile.

“Got any eats?” Kodie sat up drowsily. “On the table,” Jordan pointed to the kitchen, to which Kodie slugged up and wandered to.

Ezelena took his spot on the couch, landing heavily. “This is nice, no? No missing dog cases, no vandalism footage to see, no sport practice, no club meetings,” she stretched out. Oliver raised a lazy hand and high-fived her.

“We got homework!” Kodie called out from the kitchen, not forgetting their main occupation aside from sleuths. Exasperated groans from Oliver and Ezelena and an “Ah,” from Jordan responded.

“I got Chem and Geo,” Kodie mumbled through a full mouth of dark cookie. “Argh, Math and English,” Jordan sighed. Oliver whined a loud droning groan, rolling around in the bean bag.

Kodie swallowed and started to laugh with Ezelena, but a choking sound stopped him.

It took a half a minute and him hitting the floor for Jordan to get up and rush over. “Kodie, where’s your EpiPen? Kodie, EPIPEN!” she straightened and cradled his head. Ezelena and Oliver shot up; Oliver going to help Jordan while Ezelena darted to the sling bag Kodie was frantically gesturing at.

“Jordie get his mom!,” Oliver took over. Jordan bolted out her front door and sprinted to the neighboring house as fast as she could, ignoring her bare feet on rain-wet lawn and road gravel.

Ezelena ransacked the bag, searching for the yellow injector. “EZE?” Oliver held Kodie’s shoulders down as gently and firmly as he could.

Kodie turned a bright red, sweating and struggling to breathe. His wheezing got worse with every failed inhalation, and Oliver was starting to freak out.

“GOT IT! WHERE DO I STICK IT?” she flung herself over and pinned down his leg.

“Outer thigh outer thigh, STAY WITH ME MAN!” Oliver instructed, pushing Kodie’s clawing hands away.

“KODIE!” Ezelena growled, yanking the cap off and stabbing the injector into his thigh.

Kodie drew in a long haggard breath, his grip like iron around Oliver’s wrist.

“What the hell happened?” Roy stomped down the stairs quickly, the blue towel wrapped haphazardly around his waist, his hair dripping wet. Wide-eyed and weary, Oliver and Ezelena looked up at him, their mouths agape. “I heard screaming,” Roy clutched his towel around him.

Transferring Kodie’s gripping hand to Ezelena, Oliver reached out and picked up the half-eaten cookie.

His frowning brown eyes quickly scanned it, but then he decided to take a bite to be sure. “He had an allergic reaction. This thing had chocolate covered nuts in it,” he glanced back down to Kodie.

Kodie’s complexion had relaxed sufficiently, and his breathing steadied. His eyes remained closed however as he sucked in lungfuls of air slowly.

“Oh shit. Does he need to go to a hospital?” Roy pulled back his drenched hair.

“Jordan’s got his mom,” Ezelena nodding towards the window. Two figures rushed into view, a bobbing pink head lagging behind a clearly panicking stout woman.

“Thanks,” Kodie croaked. His grip on Ezelena’s hand loosened, but she didn’t let it drop away. With her free hand, she held his leg down with a foot and yanked out the pen.

“Kodie? Sweetie?” the woman bustled into the house. “Baby!” she rushed down to him. Oliver jumped out of the way.

“I’m okay, ma,” he waved weakly at her.

Jordan appeared in the doorway soon after, silent and guilt-stricken. “I’m so sorry Mrs. Leigh,” she cowered at the doorway, shaking.

“It’s alright, darling. An accident. Oh! Your feet!” the housewife exclaimed.

All attention turned to Jordan’s muddy feet. A distinct redness was beginning to seep into the mixture of loose grass and brown soil under her soles. She lifted a foot to look, and began trembling even more.

“Oh my god,” Oliver trotted over and swept her off her feet.

“It’s nothing. Get Kodie to a hospital,” Jordan muttered into his collar. “Don’t give me that. I’m taking you both to the hospital. Eze, you got him?” Oliver cradled Jordan closer. Ezelena nodded and helped Kodie to his feet with the help of his mother.

“Hang on I’ll grab some pants. Rinse her feet,” Roy ran up the stairs.

Ezelena and Mrs. Leigh sat Kodie down on the porch swing as Oliver set Jordan down on the porch steps next to the outside tap and ran back in to grab his keys. A yelp from above told him that Roy had discovered the effect of the blood bath mat, but he couldn’t stop to laugh.