I feel like a fish.

I’m looking for the rabbit hole in which to throw myself down into.

I’m tumbling head-first into a cloud.

I’m being crushed by intangibles.

I don’t know whether to close my eyes or to grab at the light.

I’m taking in the taste of crushed yellow flowers and bees’ regurgitation.

I’m tired; yet I’m alive.

I have general purposes; yet I have a conscious mind.

I have slept, but the exhaustion is still here.

I have eaten, but I’m never hungry.

I love, but I also despise.

I think I’m trapped, yet I enjoy the consistency.

I want to be elbow deep in water and roll around in desert sand.

I fantasize about being struck by lightning or bothering to wear lipstick everyday.

I want to be an unassuming badass.

I’m my own hero, villain and victim.