Well, well, readers… Here’s my BIG and EXCITING news I have been dying to tell you since last year!

I have gotten published!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! *fireworks* *bottles popping* *happy screaming**LOTS of cuddling soft things*


My short story is a part of an anthology titled Champion Fellas, published by Word Works Sdn Bhd, 2016. Compiled and edited by the lovely Dipika Mukherjee and Sharon Bakar, the latter with whom I was very privileged to have as a lecturer for one semester, this was part of a D.K. Dutt Memorial Award for Literary Excellence competition, in which I was EXTREMELY lucky to have been long-listed among the top 10.

I don’t know why, but I’m not feeling like this is a GREAT BIG DEAL but I am over the moon 😛 I think uni has killed my wonder sensor D: Oh well, had a little celebration with Bailey’s French Toast ^^ and my family for company 🙂

Thank YOU, dreaming potatoes for keeping me in the quill game! Here’s to future publishing (hopefully with some of the characters I’m developing here)!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Would love to share it with you guys, but I’m waiting for the sales of the book to reach the interwebs because there is so much more talent in there other than mine. And besides, the people who were doing the BTS work, publishing and editing and all that, deserve all credit. 🙂

Here’s some background to the story. (CHEESE WARNING)

I went on a hiking trip with a crush and his best friend. I was in the backseat :p And his friend kept teasing him about HIS crush on another girl, and I was like :O. HAHAHA yay hormones and youth 😛 Anyway, twisted some stuff here and there, et voila:

A short story about a girl boxer who wears makeup to cover her bruises and to *cough*woo*cough* her best guy friend who drives her around, but finds out he scored a date with the girl he likes. PHEW.

Btw, me n my crush, we’re good friends now. Nothing more. 😛 And I’m okay with it cuz I’m too busy ruling my world! XD

UPDATE: The book will be sold by the end of this week 12/3/16 (Malaysian time) in probably most bookstores (in Malaysia)!!!! So check out the ‘local’ section (TBH I usually avoid it, but now, having been exposed to so many of the talents that are a part of it, I consider myself a little shit for thinking “no quality there wan lah” I AM WRONG AND I AM SORRY) and get a copy! ❤ ❤