“Okay, hit me,” Ezelena challenges, wringing out her arms.

Kodie, Oliver and Roy shared an uncomfortable look. Jordan, at the edge of the kitchen island, looked up briefly to smirk at them before continuing to tap away at her tablet. Rudy, lounging on the steps to the living room, huffed seemingly as to say “wow”.

“What’s this for again?” Roy straightened.

“Toughening up! You know, making myself impervious to all sorts of attacks,” Ezelena beamed.

“Aaaand what sort of attacks do you expect from us?” Kodie shook his head.

“That’s the point. I can’t be expecting or predicting attacks all the time, soooo hit me with whatever,” she beckoned them. Oliver bit his lip confusedly while Kodie sagged in his seat. Roy bobbed his head and opened a drawer. He surveyed its contents before pulling out a wooden ladle. Gripping its handle, he stalked around the island and faced Ezelena. He towered almost a head taller than her.

“No hard feelings, aite Xena?” he held the spoon up. Ezelena shrugged and braced herself.

Roy took a step forward and swung the spoon. Ezelena raised her arm to defend herself, but Roy also swung his other arm upwards to grab her neck.But Ezelena managed to grip his hand and bend his fingers painfully. Her defensive arm knocked the spoon out of his grasp, sending it flying between Oliver and Kodie’s heads.

“WHOA!” they gaped. Roy grimaced as he was slowly lowered by the pain from Ezelena’s grip. A kick to the shin sent him to his knees. Rudy reared it’s head back and huffed again, almost humorously. A corner of Jordan’s mouth perked up in another smirk.

“Get real, man! No one’s gonna pick a fight like that,” Ezelena sighed.

“At least I tried. Those kibble bits over there won’t even try,” Roy argued back, gesturing to Kodie and Oliver with his hurt hand. “We don’t hit girls,” Oliver snapped back.

“Not everyone thinks like that. Think about it. What if it was Jordan and not me?” Ezelena sat down. “Wouldn’t be the first time,” Jordan stated nonchalantly.

All eyes fell onto the petite four-eyed pink-haired tech whiz at the end of the island. “Someone been bullying you, doll?” Roy stood up. “Nothing I couldn’t handle,” she put her tablet down and looked at all of them.

“I’m curious. How would you attack someone? Like, really attack them?” Ezelena leaned forward slightly. Jordan shrugged. “It would depend on who you are. I scare most off with a statement of their browser history to their parents. Lot of porn they don’t want seen. And don’t get me started on the grade-fixing,” she took a sip of juice.

“Y-you fix grades? That’s so illegal!” Kodie stared at her incredulously. “USED to. I got her away from that. Riiight?” Oliver glared hard at Jordan. A small, non-expressive smile spread across Jordan’s face. “Jordie?!” Oliver tilted his head. “Relaax,” Jordan rested her cheek on her hand.

“So. How would you attack me?” Ezelena grinned. Jordan kept her gaze on Ezelena, thinking. “Delete everything on your phone,” she answered.

“Not a prob.”

“Post everything on your phone.”


Jordan put her hand down. ” Tamper with your dad’s files. Retaliate.”

“Good God, pudding pop. You are cold,” Roy’s mouth hung open.

“You would know,” Jordan raised an eyebrow at him, a sneer shadowing her face. His eyes widened and his mouth snapped closed. Obviously he already had a taste of what she was capable of.

“Attempt that and I’ll… smash that computer you keep running to find your mom,” Ezelena sat up straight. Jordan’s non-expressive features twitched ever so slightly. Oliver, Kodie and Roy tensed, afraid that she would burst into tears or something; but Jordan just leaned forward and extended her hand.

“Touche,” she nodded, her face smug with respect. Ezelena smugly smiled back and bowed slightly.

“Now, you two. Seriously. How would you attack someone?” Ezelena turned to Oliver and Kodie.

“Well, you’d have to hit Rudy or Jordan,” Kodie thought aloud looking at Oliver. “And you’d have to smash Kodie’s camera,” Oliver added, turning to Kodie.

“So, in retaliation, we would…?” Oliver and Kodie mused in sync.

“You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?” Kodie nervously giggled.

Ezelena narrowed her eyes. “She’ll aim for your balls then,” Roy reasoned.

“Look. No aiming for other things unless you’re Jordan; full frontal assault, or in your case, defense. Go,” Ezelena laid out.

” I will… football tackle you and pin you down in a bear hug,” Oliver nodded thoughtfully. “Then do it,” Ezelena challenged, standing up.

“Oooookaaaay,” Oliver cringed and stood up. Everyone made their way to the gym area Oliver had dedicated some months into putting together and made themselves comfortable on the rubber mats. Rudy wandered to a bench press and plopped itself down on the seat, making no further effort to move.

Oliver jumped on his toes for a bit while Ezelena crossed her arms and waited.

“Ready?” Oliver bobbed his head. “Just come at me,” Ezelena rolled her eyes.

Oliver nodded in an attempt to psych himself and made a running start at Ezelena. Suddenly, Kodie jumped up and grabbed Ezelena from behind, wrapping his spindly arms around her. Unfazed, Ezelena jumped up, using Kodie as a stand and slammed her feet into Oliver’s chest. He yelped and stumbled back, falling flat onto his back. Kodie screamed as Ezelena flipped him over her shoulder and flat onto the rubber mat, right next to Oliver.

Roy laughed so hard til tears came to his eyes, while Jordan clapped impassively. Rudy slumped off the seat and came over to lick Oliver, it’s tail wagging hard and hitting Kodie. He whimpered and rolled away.

“So far, I think the only one who can cause real damage is you,” Ezelena collapsed next to Jordan. “Yeap,” she replied matter-of-fact-ly, almost smiling.

“Although… you have a point. I don’t think some people will wait around long enough for me to destroy their life with a keyboard,” Jordan tilted her head in thought.

“Don’t worry, sunshine. I’m right here,” Roy propped himself up on his elbows and grinned.

“Yeah, till a chihuahua wants to play with you,” Ezelena guffawed. Even Jordan had a small smile creep over her face at Roy’s sighing and planting himself onto the floor in defeat.


Writer’s note: Extra early this week! Got a very busy weekend ahead, but GREAT news will be coming so stay tuned! Loves all round 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤