“Just. What. Makes you think. I’m. Angry?” she growled, heaving another swing into a table.

“I dunno. Maybe it’s the whole destroying our furniture bit, Love,” he responded, flicking a lighter open and closed.

With a snarl, the axe got thrown out of her hands and embedded into a wall, sending cracks of paint all over the floor below it.

She kicked at the pieces of table and threw herself onto the thankfully untouched bed. He pocketed his lighter and flopped down onto the floor beside the bed.

Arms tucked under his chin, he looked fondly at her. His mind swam with ways to cheer her up. “Hey,” he nudged her. She looked up, her eyebrows slanted downward to her nose. “There’s a jewelry store down on King Street. Supposedly notable security. You wanna?” he grinned. She flipped onto her back and lay her arm across her eyes. He clicked his teeth. “Hungry?” he hoped. She stirred a little. Ah.

“Japanese hotplate? That one near Bukowski’s?” he slurred. She sat up, her frown lifting a little. “We’re on death sentence there,” she mumbled. “Where are we not?” he chuckled back. A smile crept across her face. Ahh.

She leaned forward and kissed him. “Or, we could, just. Stay here,” he exhaled in the wake of her lips leaving his face.

She pouted. God, he almost couldn’t keep sitting down. “No fair, Sugar. You don’t get to just wave salmon in my face and switch,” she flashed her teeth. “Right-o, Love,” he groaned and stood up.

“Hey,” she whispered as he was collecting his gun and jacket. “Mmm?”

“Let’s take a bus today.” His eyebrows lifted in mild surprise. “Oh, you can’t smoke in buses,” she remembered. “It’s okay, Love. I can do for a while. Gimme a sec, I’ll change ma’ shoes,” he cuddled her cheek.

As he looked for his other pair of shoes, she stepped over the remains of the table to her axe in the wall. Squeaks of metal against plaster caught his attention to her struggling to dislodge the axe from the wall.

Chuckling a bit, he sauntered over and gripped her hands over the handle of the fire-axe. “Breathe,” he reminded her and yanked the axe out of the wall. “Should I bring this along?” she contemplated, turning the axe over in her slender hands.

He drew in a breath. “You know what? We could run the rooftops?” he suggested. “Get some air,” he shrugged. Her lips pouted in thought. A sly smile lifted those pretty cheekbones of hers. “Can you keep up?” her voice came, sultry and teasing. “What’s the reward?” he shot back, hopefully as stunning as her. Aw damn, she’s in a playful mood.

She thought for a bit, inching closer and closer to him until his back was against the wall. Without warning, she swung her axe into the wall again, missing his ear by a few inches.

He didn’t flinch.

She smiled and tip-toed, bringing her height from his chest to his chin. Her hand slid to his belt. “Looove,” he giggled, a half-warning tone in his voice. She was really testing him today. Just as he leaned in to kiss her however, she pulled away, a mischievous smirk all over her face. “I’ll decide when we get there,” she finalised. He was left hanging, befuddled. “Oh ho ho ho ho, you’re on,” his frustration rang out clearly.

He and she stood on the rooftop of their condominium complex, feet on the ledge. “Bukowski’s 20 minutes by car, 30 minutes by bus and 1 hour on foot that-a-way,” he stated, pointing to the west. “5 minutes,” she held up a gloved hand, grinning.

Her blood-red hair was pulled back into a neat bun and she was clad from neck to toe in lightweight stealth armor. Her axe was strapped to her back by a flexible harness, tight and secure. He too, had similar trappings and a little holster for his revolver and smokes. Backing up to a suitable running start, she and he playfully bumped fists and taunted each other.

She tried to push away the memory of her and Connor doing this three years ago. How they waited in the shadows and each other’s company should Ivan ever require a little more help with his vigilante activities. How the both of them spent little moments racing, dancing and living like ‘normal’ kids during such times.

He noticed a slight pained expression flicker in her face. Guess she was still angry at Helmet Head for stealing her prey. How passionately she screamed at him as her intended kill was whisked off in his fancy-ass vehicle to be shut away in high-security prison, away from her. No worries. He and she had a plan brewing somewhere in the back of their collective mind to get that one. Soon.

She kissed him one more time. As he stood there savoring, she broke into an early start and left him in her dust. He exclaimed loudly and chased her off the roof.