“Jordieeeeeee!” Oliver leaned into the computer room. “I got some snaaacks,” he continued to coo. Soft techno dance music drifted from the speakers. Huh, her chair was empty. He looked around the dark room for a while and exclaimed in glee when he found a tuft of bright pink sticking out from under a blue blanket with white glow-in-the-dark stars on the couch tucked into a corner of the small room. He placed the tray of food carefully on her table.

“Jordieee!” he squealed, plopping himself right onto the little bundle. An annoyed grunt hissed out and the head of pink hair wiggled out. Squinted dark brown eyes blinked sleepily at him, and a scowl spread across her pale face. “Ollie,” she groaned. He grinned and affectionately lay his head against the soft folds of the blanket.

“How you feeling today?” he quizzed. Jordan stuck out a hand from somewhere underneath the blanket and rested it on Oliver’s face. “Glasses,” she groaned. Oliver got up and hunted around for her glasses. Eventually he found them on her chair, an alarming place for them to be considering how much she needed them. But then again, he guessed if they were anywhere else, she’d probably lose track of them.

Ezelena had tried to get her to use the grandma-string method, but Jordan only got caught and tangled in corners and hooks even more than she already did. Oliver retrieved her spectacles and put them on her. Jordan ran her fingers through her hair and sat up straight, her face pinched in sleepy annoyance. She ambled off the couch like a tortoise and plunked herself in the large computer chair, her command center of her battle station. Scrubbing the mouse on the desktop, her screens lit up to reveal all the projects and cases the team was handling at the current moment. Her pink head turned this way and that, darting to and from the screens until she pointed at one like a homing tracker.

The surveillance records of the Floche grocery store getting vandalized and robbed was displayed there. “I compiled the cuts where we could possible identify the buggers with Kodie last night,” she explained. “Yeah, he’s still passed out in the living room,” Oliver noted. “Well, now that’s done, let’s wait for Eze and Roy to get here,” he patted her. Jordan nodded and turned to another screen, but Oliver spun her chair around to the door. “Ollie,” she moaned exasperatedly, but he shushed her. “Get out of this room, will ya?” he chuckled. She sighed and snatched a packet of seaweed off the tray Oliver had brought in. “Piggyback?” she cooed, albeit a little raspy from her nap.

Oliver laughed and squatted down with his back facing her. “Come on, cotton candy koala,” he wiggled his fingers. Jordan practically slumped onto his back like a cat. He wrapped his athletic arms around her skinny legs and got up. “Hmm?” he stood still for a while. “You’re getting kinda heavy,” he spouted. Jordan’s response to this was to sink her upper teeth into his shoulder. “AH AH AH okay! Sorry! But really, you should start going on walks with me and Rudy again,” he commented, leaving the dark computer room.

Kodie was stretched out on one of the long beige sofas sleeping, while Rudy placidly sat at his feet, chewing a toy. It wagged its tail and whined at Jordan’s presence. The pink girl hopped off Oliver’s back to the Newfoundland and nuzzled in its neck. The big pup nuzzled back. Jordan made herself comfortable next to it and both of them looked up at Oliver with big shining eyes. He chuckled. “There’s no difference!” he smiled. If Jordan had a tail, it would be as pink as her hair and wagging as happily as Rudy’s.

All of a sudden, Rudy dropped its toy and began growling at the door. “Ah, Roy,” Jordan translated, squeaking a chew toy. The growl of a motorbike into the porch area further confirmed his arrival. Footsteps stopped right at the door, but the door didn’t open. “Please move Rudy from the room,” a knowing voice called out. Jordan got up and began rapidly squeezing the chew toy in an attempt to catch Rudy’s attention. “Rudyyyyyyy~” she called, moving closer and closer to the sliding door that led to a section of an outdoor garden. Reluctantly, the dog left the sofa and over to Jordan, who threw the chew toy out onto the wood patio. The dog trotted after, but still made sure to thwack Jordan with it’s tail playfully. She grinned and tapped it on the rear, closing the sliding door behind it.

Oliver opened the door to a hesitant Roy and Ezelena. “Sup!” Ezelena greeted and sauntered in. Roy peeked in around for Rudy. “Relax, Jordie got Rudy onto the deck,” Oliver reassured. Roy clicked his teeth at a smug Jordan. “Hey doll,” he grinned. Jordan gave him a dirty look and plopped herself down on the couch hard enough to wake Kodie. With a whine he stretched out, only to realise he was in Ezelena’s lap. He sprung up, surprised, while she and Jordan giggled. “Okay, okay. Now we’re all here (Kodie?) shall we take a look at what the techies found last night?” Oliver commenced. Kodie flashed a thumbs up while Jordan got up to prep the TV.