I’ve never seen you before. But when you jumped in front of me and stuck that gun in my face, I knew this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen you waving a weapon at me. I just knew.

The sun had just set behind the tree-line mountain and we had settled in for the night, going over notes and pictures of the ruined civilization we had found on an earlier expedition. Our goal was to determine which ancient race had ruled such a surreptitious kingdom, hidden by time and nature way in the vast Russian taiga. Placement made it suggest Babylonian explorers, but evidence of Egyptian hieroglyphs contrasted some of those assumptions. Also confounding was traces of Oriental clothing worn by some of the people, possibly an order of some sort within the city. We were discussing possibilities of this city being a cradle of civilization for the north of Asia when you and a bunch of other men swarmed our camp.

The leader of your gang, a hardy man called Lemmont, declared the small team of four archaeologists and one intern cowering in the circle his guides to treasures of the city. Guess even a seasoned grave-robber needed some book help. Rather than risk this group of brutes destroy precious history to reach artifacts that may or may not still be there, my seniors cooperated in an attempt to preserve what nature still hadn’t taken back. He grabbed me, the intern, as a security measure and passed me to a lesser thug, you.

Your face did not register one ounce of recognition, as neither did mine; but the moment your hand roughly grabbed my arm, a shock akin to a current electricity zipped through my brain. I was too startled to see if you had the same reaction, but you recaptured me too soon to indicate anything of the sort. I was too scared to think anything more of the contact; as two of my seniors started arguing about the cultural architecture of the city, having concluded different ideas of how the city was laid out. Lemmont smoothly talked them to a stop, saying how they could document as they traversed the place.

Due to the harrowing first day, Lemmont decided for everyone to turn in early; so that we could get an early start the next day and cover more ground. You shoved me roughly back into the arms of one of my frightened colleagues and went to gather with the rest of your gang. I held absolutely no regard for you at all, beyond the presentation of you as another one of those idiot tomb raiders. Honestly, I didn’t even register what you looked like. All I remember was a brute of a man gripping my arm and holding a gun to my head from behind me.

Naturally, I could not sleep a wink that night; I couldn’t even try to close my eyes due to the stress adrenaline flooding everyone’s nerves. The way your gang murmured made it slightly clear that this (hostage taking) was new to them too, but Lemmont was fiercely determined to find those artifacts. Me and my group too, made preservation plans; for our lives and if possible, the city.