Perfection's Glass Graveyard

Tomorrow's stories in dying dreams

Chrysanthemum tea and me

Can you remember WHY you like a certain taste? Beyond boiling it down to 'nice'. I remembered why I like chrysanthemum tea. I was two years old, lost in a supermarket. I was playing with a broom, went to hang... Continue Reading →



"Get down, and stay quiet," he whispered from the bushes. I dropped to all fours and pattered over, my heart thundering in my chest. What is it? A revived? Two revived? A were-beast, come back? But that wasn't it. If... Continue Reading →

Playing nice

"You're not going to help?" the human prince turned to the pirate captain, the one they know as 'demon'. Her bewitching unnaturally green eyes fluttered downward briefly in thought, but flew up again to piercingly stare at the chieftains in... Continue Reading →

I’ve been here before.

The rocks kept tumbling down, one after another. The yellowstone archway billowed grey rubble and crumbled, bringing more than just the greatwood doors to dust. In the midst of the confusion, I heard myself screaming as I threw myself forward,... Continue Reading →

Coming to terms with myself.

Yes, I’m sleep-deprived (what’s new?) and I’m probably overthinking again. But something has just happened and I’ve finally realised and come to terms with me. I am, now undeniably, asexual. At first I thought it was me making a poor... Continue Reading →

Race Against Time unboxing!

Slowly making progress and completing all the projects I set myself out to do! Here's another one! An unboxing video of a themed subscription box from a lovely local Malaysian startup! I tried not to show much of my face... Continue Reading →

Full of Dead Pretty Things

Its nice to fall back on things I can do with my hands instead of using my head all the time. Some seashells my dad randomly brought back for me while on a trip, pressed Sweet William flowers from a... Continue Reading →


It’s not something people would want to say “Oh, I have that too!” for any sort of sane reason. Its something I kept downplaying because, really, why? I’m not a better writer, poet, human being for having it. It might... Continue Reading →

A partnership confirmed

Elouise frowned, feeling the taste mulch over her tongue and spat out what she previously assumed to be a pear. "Montoya!" Hugh reeled from his perch in disgust. "This tastes BAD," she held out the remainder or the fruit towards... Continue Reading →

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